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Financial Services + Tax + Accounting Services = We Really Add Up!

Financial Services + Tax + Accounting Services = We Really Add Up!

Founder Edward T. Terzolo, Senior Accountant, Registered Representative

Shelly T. Terzolo, Financial Advisor

Our in-depth combination of services provide clients with comprehensive results.

In the blink of an eye, our world became more complex. We were asking questions we've never thought about, we faced situations we were unprepared for and we had to learn to pivot and change to adapt and respond to an unfamiliar world. 

On a professional level, we had to do that, too.  We seamlessly moved most of our operations from office to home.  We maintained a critical tax team working safely at our office to address the immediate and day-to-day needs. 

We learned a lot about our company during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic.  We opened our phones, email and computer conferencing to adapt to the situations, to answer questions and to assist in understanding the CARES Act, the SBA PPP and EIDL programs, and market changes.  We responded with compassion, understanding, and information.  We are proud to say we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients as we monitor the changes and we are happy to help. 

Our company began in 1996 on an old dining room table with one simple Mission - to help small businesses with their accounting.  

Our Mission grew over the years to increase the services we offered to our clients.  We added tax planning and preparation for businesses and individuals, we added financial services, insurance services, and we continue to add new services as the world and our client's need changes.

The core of our Mission continues to be helping our clients.  Everything we do flows from that core.  Everyone on our team understands and lives this Mission as we are each focus on our clients concerns.

We listen to our clients, we research for solutions, monitor for changes, anticipate, inform and update, complete and adjust. 

We also use excellent technology partners in our research, analysis, and process.  We are constantly renewing our knowledge on new techniques to work with clients in their preferred style and methods that meets the needs of our clients.

Each client is treated as an individual.  We navigate through the changes together with our clients seeking ways to best serve their needs and goals with the intention of providing financial security. 

You and your family are at the heart of what we do.

Edward T. Terzolo is registered as a Tax Preparer with the IRS and New York State