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January is National Financial Wellness Month

January 19, 2023

National Financial Wellness Month comes each January. It's a time to remind people to either establish a financial strategy or take some time to sit down and review it with their trusted financial professional.

For me, it's time for me to connect with new clients and discuss their financial situation and aspirations for their future. It's also time for me to connect with established clients and check to see if their financial strategy needs any adjustment, as well as discuss any changes that might be necessary.

Taking care of your financial strategy is not unlike taking care of your health. Regular attention and a little preventative care can go a long way. Let’s schedule a time to discuss your financial life today.


1.  BENEFICIARIES - People come in and out of our lives - January is a great month to check those listed on your investments.

2.  CONTRIBUTIONS - Is an adjustment needed?  Have you received a raise, paid off a debt, come into an inheritance?  Tweeks to your contributions build balances and can build wealth.

3.  UNCLAIMED FUNDS - Go onto your state's Unclaimed Funds site and search your name.  If you have a maiden name, former name, etc - check them, too.

4.  RISK TOLERANCE - Are your portfolios properly aligned to your comfort towards risk?

5.  FUND ALIGNMENT - Do you have enough or too much set aside in an emergency fund?  

6.  RISK MANAGEMENT - Are you properly insured?  Life Insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance are there to provide a financial foundation.

We are here to help.  Call us at 315-484-1020 and schedule a time to meet with our staff to assist in these questions and any other you may have.